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This page is devoted to everyone that has forgotten an important item or issue that might have put a roadblock in the way of your fun and exciting camping trip or RV adventure.

We have provided basic set up and tear down lists, a budget list and soon to come inventory lists and other assorted lists for your own personal use. Take from them what you will and develop your own. We strongly recommend that you develop your own lists for the processes and items you find most important and necessary to your lifestyle.

Set Up Checklist

  1. Scout campsite

  2. Check fire restrictions for your campsite

  3. Make sure you have cell phone reception

  4. Make sure you can reach water, electrical and sewer connections

  5. Make sure your slides have enough room clearance and deploy slides

  6. Make sure awnings have enough clearance

  7. Level the RV left to right

  8. Level the RV front to back

  9. Chock the tires

  10. Deploy stabilizers

  11. Connect water and electrical

  12. Connect sewer hoses (don't leave them open until you have to dump.)

  13. Turn on propane (Don't fill propane more than 80%. It allows for expansion.)

  14. Set the air conditioner or heater to a comfortable level

  15. Check propane to stove (We only light the propane to the stove as needed.)

  16. Check propane to refrigerator (We use electricity when we have full hook ups.)

  17. Turn on water heater (We only turn on as needed.)

  18. Turn on water pump (We only turn ours on when we have to use the water.)

  19. Add black, gray and fresh water tank conditioner

  20. Deploy solar battery charger, solar chargers, solar lights, solar emergency radio, Jackery and Halo

  21. Deploy antenna

  22. Spray everything that touches the ground with bug spray (Keeps the bugs out of your rig.)

  23. Set up the inside of the RV

  24. Set up the outside of the RV

Tear Down Checklist

  1. Secure everything inside the RV

  2. Open the black water tank valve

  3. Open the gray water tank valve after the black water tank is empty (This will flush most residual material from the hoses and connections.)

  4. Rinse the black and gray water tank and disconnect hoses

  5. Add fresh water to the black and gray water tank (about 2 gallons)

  6. Stow all hoses and connectors

  7. Check for possible slide obstacles inside the rig

  8. Retract slides and awning

  9. Close stove vent, if necessary

  10. Turn off water pump

  11. Turn off propane (Unless you are using it to keep the refrigerator cold.)

  12. Turn off the air conditioner or heater

  13. Latch all doors and windows

  14. Disconnect water and electrical

  15. Retract stabilizers and levelers

  16. Retract antenna

  17. Connect the tow vehicle

  18. Remove chocks

  19. Check tire pressure

  20. Complete walk around to gather any remaining items

  21. Repeat Step 20


  1. Credit Cards

  2. Medications

  3. RV Payment

  4. RV Insurance

  5. Roadside Assistance Policies

  6. RV Campgrounds

  7. RV Discount Plans

  8. RV Maintenance

  9. Gas

  10. Propane

  11. Water

  12. Internet

  13. Cell Phone

  14. TV

  15. Groceries

  16. Laundry

  17. Park Passes

  18. Fishing Licenses

  19. Tickets: Museum, Movies, etc.

  20. Savings for upgrades and repairs on equipment

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