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Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

We arrived at our new park in Bay St. Louis and were immediately surprised that we had a Mexican Restaurant in front of the park and another one right across the street. We love Mexican food for sure!

Once again the park appeared to have a lot of permanent residents, but at 22.50 a night through Passport America it was well worth it! We had full hookups, a good sized pond and a lot of beautiful ducks, cranes and a lot of turtles. We have found you must confirm most amenities before you arrive when using any discount service plan. We thought they had washers and dryers, but they were all out of service. They had an ice machine, but no ice and although they did have WiFi it never really worked right.

The park was peaceful and we did get some good rest. We did try the Mexican Restaurant in front of the park and we were very happy with the food and service. We also tried a local Japanese Steak and Sushi house and it was fantastic. The fried rice reminded me of my days in Japan. As you can see from the picture below I ate almost everything.

We decided to try our hand at crabbing and fishing, so we purchased our licenses and nets and went to the sea wall in the bay. It had been a while since my last crabbing adventure, but it's like riding a bike. We knew it wasn't the best time for crabs, but figured we would try it anyway. We didn't catch anything. We'll definitely make our way back in June and July next year when the crabs are a lot easier to catch.

We made a trip to the local farmers market and were delighted by what we found. Pinky found some Radish Micro Greens that were delicious in the big salad we made that night. We also had a crawfish empanada that was great!

We're heading to Helena, Alabama for our next adventure. I'm excited to see places where I once lived! We hope you come back for our next installment!

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