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We stopped in Strasburg, Colorado at the Denver East KOA to visit my daughter and her great family! The park was upscale, had ice cream, pizza and gave away free koozies!

Riley, my daughter and Dusty were married several years ago and have 3 great little boys. Pierce, who I call Hawkeye, Edwin, who I call Easy E and Lucien, who I call Louie Louie! you can figure out all the references if you're over 40 I think!

We took the family to a place called Boondock's in Parker, Colorado for a day of fun and food! The kids had a blast and the food wasn't bad at all! I know we'll be back to this spot!

I even tried my hand at the punching bag! I thought I was going to break my arm, but I actually hit it for 857, which I don't think is bad for someone of my station in life! Like I said before it was great fun and we will be back!

We had to say goodbye to another great American Family! We are so very proud of all of them for the sacrifices they've made for there country! We'll see all of you again next year!!!

Seems like a quick installment for Colorado, but we will be back and it's Breckenridge, Colorado where we said yes to each other! Thanks for reading and if you want any information or have a suggestion we'll get back to you ASAP!

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