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Columbus, Indiana

We arrived in Columbus, Indiana and the sun was shining! We were stopping to see Chevi, a friend of Pinky!

We had reservations at the Bartholomew County Fairgrounds. When we arrived there were a lot of open spaces, but it was really clean and we had full hookups at $30.00 per night! Only 2 other campers were there and they left 2 days later, so we had the entire park to ourselves.

We met up with Chevi and she gave us the grand tour! Beautiful downtown area and lots of older houses. This place is home to Cummins Generators too!

Our big splurge was a trip to White Castle! If you've ever eaten one of these little tasty sliders you know what I mean! Soft mini bun, juicy patty, diced onions, mustard and a pickle or two! Yes we ordered the sack and ate everyone, fo sho!!!

We visited with Chevi for a few days more and we're headed to meet more friends in Joliet, Illinois. Talk to you soon and thanks as always for reading!!!

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