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Eau Claire, Wisconsin

We arrived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on a hot and sunny day. We came to see our friend Kathy. We met her in Arizona and just had to stop and say hi! We decided, you guessed it, to eat some Mexican Food. Casa Margarita was our destination and if you can see the size of those margarita's you know what happened! I think we're both still recovering from that encounter! The next time we need to ask, "how large is your large"?! The food was good and certainly no complaints about the Rita's!

We went for a walk the next day along the Chippewa River. It was a nice walk. We found a Veterans Memorial and it was absolutely beautiful! Then we stopped for ice cream at 44 Below! Indy even got a pup cup with a dog biscuit! I'm sure she would say it's the best ever!

The next day we decided to have a burger for lunch at Milwaukee Burger and I'll just tell you after the Bloody Mary and Cheese Curd Sampler, I couldn't even eat half of that huge delicious burger! It had egg on it too!

Kathy took us to downtown Eau Claire and it's a very neat little city. Watch out for the colorful cows running around town!

We went to the Altoona Family Restaurant the next morning for breakfast and the French Toast was light and fluffy, with some thick cut bacon that made them even better! Did I mention I had lots of butter and syrup too?

We took a little time to visit with Kathy's son and daughter, Tom and his wife Sara, Dylan and Shannon and Renette and Aaron. Her kids are great people! We'll see them again soon and often I'm sure!

The next day we had to do a little shopping and decided to stop at the Jade Garden for the all you can eat buffet. It was clean, good atmosphere and the food was good! I love buffets because I can always get some soft serve for dessert! I am the original junk food junky!

Pinky and Kathy made a plan to go garage sailing the next day and they made a pit stop at the Marieke Gouda Cheese Factory and let me tell you, I'm glad they went. I love the Gouda and Peppered Farmers Cheese!

They did stop at A&W for the Famous Root Beer Float. I'm still kind of upset about it! I've been talking about that float and that Papa Burger for months! I will get one eventually!

We made a plan to go to the local VFW for burgers the next day and for those that know me or don't even have a clue, you know I'm a burger guy! I loved the atmosphere and the people! Everyone makes you feel better about life at this place! I ordered the famous spicy Bloody Mary and a double bacon cheeseburger with mayo, onion and green olives. Let me tell you, I thought my heart skipped several beats with this burger. Pinky had the Chicken Cordon Bleu without the bun. She liked it, but the grilled chicken was little tough, but let me tell you that service made up for any shortcomings! Great place to eat and visit!

We enjoyed our trip to Eau Claire and Kathy was such a great host! We'll probably be back next year! We'll update everyone soon and thanks as always for visiting!

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