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Gulfport, Mississippi!

We are making our way to all points east, but made a stop in Ocean Springs Mississippi and weren't disappointed.

This is an excerpt from a previous post: "We are always checking our tank levels and one day we found that our fresh water tank was full. It was empty when we arrived at the campground, so we shut off the city water. We started calling local RV repair shops and found Advanced Mobile Home and RV Supply in Gulfport, Mississippi. I explained the problem to Derek over the phone and he said bring it by the next day. We arrived and Derek had to go on a service call and wasn't present, but his Dad was waiting for us. First of all everyone needs to make sure to locate your water pump for future reference. Ours was making a noise so it was easy to run it down and the serviceman was on it! He replaced that water pump under the bed in less than an hour and I'm pretty sure we weren't ripped off!

At the same time our water pump went out the generator stopped again. We asked Derek at Advanced Mobile Home and RV Supply and he recommended Jessie who owns On-site Generator Services in Saucier, Mississippi. We explained to him the problem and he gave us his highest estimate to fix the problem. This great guy actually came to Advanced Mobile Home and RV Supply to repair the issue. When Jessie arrived it took him all of 15 minutes to diagnosis the problem. We started having those thoughts about the previous repair until Jessie told us that the other rocker arm had come loose. He replaced the both rocker arms, made necessary adjustments and even replaced one of our hoses in less than and yes you guessed it, one hour! We paid him a very reasonable price for the service and couldn't have been more appreciative!"

We then made our way to Martin Lake Resort in Ocean Spring, Mississippi. We arrived, set up and made a drink after a long day! We thought we would have to buy a new generator and water pump and for those that don't know it, they are expensive. We have an Onan in our Winnie and it has over 12,000 hours on it, so yes we were freaking out a little bit.

The park has a lot of permanent residents, but it's off the beaten path and for half price through Passport America it's well worth it! We've decided it's cheaper to find parks at around $20.00 a night, then trying to boondock and pay the gas prices traveling a lot more. When we started fulltime we were planning to boondock a lot more, but the further east you go the harder it is to find that good old BLM land. The park has it's own lake and lot's of ducks!

We stayed at Martin Lake for 2 weeks and only had a couple incidents! First, our gas detector went off one night, so we investigated all the possible issues. We came to the conclusion that the open pit fire that was burning heavily a few lots down from us and blowing right under our house was the culprit. We haven't had anymore issues. Next, we actually locked ourselves out of our house! We tried for about an hour to get in and finally called security to assist us with a locksmith. We would've called, but we also locked our cellphones inside! I know everyone is busting a gut right now and so am I. The security guard walked up to our door and opened it right up and just in time as it was pouring buckets an hour later. Now we have access no matter what happens.

It's was time to leave this peaceful park and we headed to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

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