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Helena, Alabama

Driving through Mississippi and Alabama was a step back in time for me. I think Pinky may have been a little claustrophobic in the beginning because of all of the trees, but the scenery is outstanding.

The park was quiet and clean with a lot of full time residents. At 17.50 a night we're falling in love with Passport America. We also have Good Sam but just haven't needed it yet. We've been lucky to have a good size pond at each of our last 3 locations and we intended to use the fishing opportunity.

Pinky caught the first fish of our journey and had a lot more bites than I did! I was fishing with a top water lure and she was fishing with a rubber crawfish. I guess I should've changed bait! The adventure was a blast and with the scenery, geese, turtles and company made it a memorable experience for us both.

The park did have full hook ups, working washers and dryers and plenty of character. The only issue we ran into was a large Pitbull that actually attacked our little Indy. This was the second time this has happened on our journey. We always keep Indy on a leash and neither dog that has attacked her had one on. We will be paying more attention to our surroundings from now on.

The last 5 months has been a big learning experience for us and we've made it through all obstacles so far and we think we always will. Pinky is a great lifer and she makes everything easy. We're onto our next location in Jasper, Alabama and will be staying with some friends there. Stay tuned for the next great adventure. Thanks for visiting!

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