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Horse Cave. Kentucky

We were headed to Columbus, Indiana to see another friend and we made a little pit stop at Kentucky Down Under. We kept seeing signs to pet the Kangaroos so we stopped for another adventure! I thought they might have a few Kangaroos, but they had so much more!

The "little roo" is obviously a contortionist. I don't know how he bent himself in half like that, but he looked comfortable! Then there were the birds.

Lots of beautiful birds!

Crazy eyed Lemurs! I guess I look at myself like that sometimes and I know Pinky does!

Really Big Pigs!

and one lone Wolf! They also had some big turtles!

We bought some fudge and yes it was gone by the time we left! We did some panning for rocks and found a few gems. It was a very relaxing adventure. Small park, but I think big for the price you pay! Well worth the visit and if you do don't mention my name! Haha!!!

We are now headed to Columbus, Indiana! See ya'll soon!

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