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Time to fix stuff!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

First of all, the picture below is a sticker we had made. We put it right outside the front door of our RV. It's the name of our RV and of course Pinky and I, but the date is my retirement date and when we plan on hitting the road full time.

Well, after our first trip we had several issues to fix and we got right to it. We purchased a new faucet off of Amazon, which is by the way our new best friend! We assumed it was the faucet because the leak was on the counter top and not so much underneath, except for the trickle down of water. The faucet we purchased was polished nickel with a high spigot for those large items and we made sure it worked with our Pur water filtration system. We have the Pur system on our spigot, we have a filter on the hose that connects to our fresh water intake and then we filter it again using our Brita pitcher for drinking water. We figured with these 3 items it eliminated any of our filtration concerns.

We got to work on replacing the faucet or should I said Pinky got to work on the faucet because there is no way my big head would've fit under that sink. The space under the sink was tight and not user friendly at all. We had to make several trips to Ace Hardware for a pipe wrench tool that is about 10 inches long and the head pivots. We also purchased different washers for both the hot and cold water connections. It took Pinky about 2 hours to get that darn thing fixed, but she was a trooper and never complained because the experience will help us down the road.

The next issue was the electrical panel lock. While we were at Ace Hardware we looked for and found a clasp and turn bolt that was actually black and matched the panel perfectly. We changed out all of the bulbs in the RV and replaced them with LED bulbs. We also filled any screw holes throughout the RV and painted them over to match the wall coverings. We've loaded up all of the compartments inside and out with equipment and items we'll need for our new life. As I said earlier we had been purchasing a lot of equipment and items even before we purchased our RV.

In later articles we'll go over everything we purchased and why. We learned a lot of ideas from videos and articles from our fellow full time RVer's. Thank you all for your valuable information and support!

Thanks for reading!

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