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Mardi Gras is Party Gras!!!

We finally left Slidell, Louisiana and my bestie cousin and headed to New Orleans. We made reservations at the French Quarter RV Resort, less than a mile from Bourbon Street and even closer to the nearest parade route! The resort is an oasis in the city! French Inspired street poles, brick lined streets and free ice! It's on the expensive side, but if you've never been to Mardi Gras it's worth every penny! You won't have to to worry about security especially after you seen the brick fence and unique barbed wire!

We went to Hermes the first night and it was a special event for me! I've seen parades before, but had never been a parade where I saw the love of my life light up like a Christmas tree! I was yelling "hey" and throw me something mister and my lady was catching all the good stuff! I would tend to think it was because she was a female with boobs, she's pretty and it was Mardi Gras!

We got the stiffest drink in the city and obviously Pinky loved it! The second night we went to Endymion and it was fantastic, but let me tell you finding a place to pee is very difficult in the city during Mardi Gras! Those drinks for 43 dollars were worth it once I hit the restroom! We had to buy a couple of drinks in a hotel bar to use the restroom. I think if we would have waited another 30 seconds we both would've wet ourselves! Matter of fact I know we would have!

I've never seen so many beads, doubloons and trinkets left on the ground. When I was growing up we killed for that stuff! Guy was trying to see some butt with this huge set of beads! I don't think he ever got rid of them either.

Pinky wanted to suck the head and pinch the tail so we stopped on the way back from a parade to grab some. We got 2 pounds of crawfish and a pound of dirty rice and walked back to the campground. Pinky tore into those crawfish like a natural born Cajun!

We also saw Bacchus, one of the super krewes and they were fantastic! We also saw Zulu on Mardi Gras day, but no coconut. They used to throw black and gold coconuts with the juice still inside and now they hand them out after they've been drained. We ended up with 2 Schwegmann bags full of beads and trinkets and will be giving them all away to family and friends along our journey.

Only those from the area will remember Schwegmann's. A grocery store like no other. Dad always had his cigarette with him in the store and drinks along the way! "Making Groceries" was a day long event and when the shopping was over us kids would look forward to some "Lagniappe", a little something extra at the Borden's Ice Cream Shoppe on Airline Highway in Metairie, Louisiana. Damn it was good!

I saw my old high school, West Jefferson (Geaux Buccaneers), one of the houses I grew up in and my father's tomb! We also paid a visit to Cafe Du Monde and the beignets and coffee with chicory are still great together! Memories, some good and some bad, but your experiences shape who you are today. I think Pinky thinks I must've turned out OK and I know I'm damn good looking too!

Well enough for this adventure. We'll catch you up on our journey in our next installment. Thank you for reading!

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