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We left Lusk, Wyoming and headed to my old stomping grounds in Western Nebraska. Our first stop was Alliance, Nebraska where we visited Carhenge! Great place to visit and it doesn't cost anything, except for the items you purchase in the gift shop and yes, we got some stuff.

We made our way through Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where we had to visit the local Runza Restaurant. Home of the famous cabbage burger! Pinky got the spicy cabbage burger and I had to get the cheeseburger style of course! They were delicious!

We drove past Chimney Rock on our way to Lodgepole, Nebraska. My son Sam and his wife Jessica live there now. Chimney Rock used to be a lot taller, but time and the elements have taken their toll on the monument.

We found a little RV park close to Lodgepole and set up shop for the visit. It was great seeing my son and Jessica. Sam actually gave us some fantastic news, Jessica is pregnant, Woohoo!!! It was great to see Sam for the first time in about 8 years. We are planning our next trip to see them again next year! They will make great parents and we are very proud of them both!

We headed to Gering, Nebraska to visit my nephew Mike, his wife Lydia and there five great children! We parked the RV about a mile from his house at Robidoux RV park, which is at the base of Scotts Bluff National Monument. It's a beautiful sight for sure!

We spent a few great days with Mike, Lydia and the children. They have five children and 2 are not pictured, but they have raised a great family. The kids are very articulate and super intelligent. We are very proud of them both!

We had the opportunity to spend the Fourth of July with Mike, Lydia and all of the extended family. I haven't seen and heard that many fireworks since my childhood and was it a sight to see! Let me tell you that America is in good hands with people like these. I haven't felt so comfortable with a group of Americans who have a deep belief in God and Country and they aren't ashamed to show it. We hated to leave, but promised we would be back next fishing season and the Walleye are scared!

We left Gering feeling invigorated about our country and our faith! They are both alive and well in America and ready for a comeback in a city or town near you! We'll catch you in the next installment, as we're headed to beautiful Colorado!

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