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On the road again!

We've been in Quartzite, Arizona since January 2. We paid $80.00 for 4 weeks at one of the 4 large open area campgrounds and got a really good spot close to all of the Gem and Rock and RV show action. No hookups, but for the price they do provide a dump site, water station and a ton of space.

We arrived with full propane, gas and water and of course empty holding tanks. We were excited to get everything set up and it did take us several hours, but it was well worth it! The "Hippy Gypsy RV" is now in full effect!

Before we arrived we decided to start exercising daily. We started walking every morning and didn't realize how far we were actually walking until we set up a pedometer app the other day. Almost 6 miles in one day! We also quit smoking at Midnight on New Year's Day! We're getting on each others nerves from time to time, but we realize this too shall pass.

We've been re-organizing, culling out unnecessary weight and yes buying those little items you never thought of like awning saver clamps. They hold your awning securely and prevent rips and tears. We also purchased 5 battery operated motion sensor lights. One for the bathroom, one for outside the front door and 3 for the walkway in the RV and man are they worth the investment! We don't have to use our onboard batteries to keep our rig lit! We like saving money!

We've been visiting many of the local eateries in town and at the shows. Let me tell you most of the food is good and portions at most places are above average, but the prices are sometimes high. We do love 2 places so far, Taco Mio in downtown Quartzite and Mean Maggie's Food Truck at the Gem and Rock Show. Taco Mio has one of the best margarita's we've ever had and the Mexican food was most excellent, but let me tell you about Mean Maggie's! They make one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever eaten and for anyone who knows me knows that's saying a lot because I'm a cheeseburger connoisseur! Pinky say's that the POP Grilled Cheese sandwich is killer! The sandwich comes with bacon, jalapeno, cream cheese and pepper jack cheese on 2 Texas sized slices of sourdough bread. These guys are from Wyoming and I've eaten a lot of cheeseburgers in Wyoming, but none come close to matching this great family business!

We've had to refuel and dump our tanks once so far. We're still trying to figure out how to use all of our resources more efficiently. We did manage to go 8 days with 28 gallons of fresh water, 15 gallons of drinking water,14 gallons of propane and empty 34 gallon black and 32 gallon gray tanks. When we get up in the morning we point all of our solar lights and panels to the south for optimal charging. We have the "Jackery" (best damn thing ever made) that powers our laptops, Halo, icemaker and electric blankets, Halo, used to jumpstart "The Hippy Gypsy" and air up the tires, a portable 300 watt solar panel to charge our onboard batteries, 4 Patriot cells, 4 solar lanterns, 6 solar yard lights and 6 multi-colored solar yard lights.

I know we both have a lot to learn, but it's the experience we relish everyday!


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