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South Dakota

We headed West from Wisconsin to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get our AC on the truck fixed. We did make a stop in Garden City, Minnesota, but like my Mom always said, "if you can't say anything good then shut the hell up!". I will tell you that the Gnats, Mosquitoes and Flies were AWFUL and that's all I've got to say about that!

We arrived in Sioux Falls at the local ford dealership (Sioux Falls Ford) and were told it may take all day to fix the AC. We didn't care as long as it was fixed! They took about 6 hours and the price seemed reasonable, so we're happy with the result for sure. It's a pain to get any RV or travel trailer worked on for any reason. One place doesn't work on this or doesn't do that or you have to wait 4 weeks to get in just to give them the chance to diagnosis the problem, then you have to wait another 2 weeks to get it fixed! If you need any advice just send us a message and we'll be glad to tell you our experiences.

We traveled west to Parker, South Dakota for a week and it was a great little town. The little 6 space RV park is run by the city and the price is very reasonable. It was clean and we had full hook-ups for $30 per night. We will definitely be back next year!

We headed further west to Mitchell to see the World's only Corn Palace! It was amazing and the workers were busy replacing the corn that fell out or was damaged. Great place to stop on our way to Dignity!

In Chamberlain, South Dakota we met Dignity. The artist depicts a 50 foot stainless indigenous woman in the dress of the day! She was magnificent and we didn't know the lady in photo, but wanted to tell her to think about everyone standing around this statue wanting to take a picture without you in it! Didn't want a Karen moment, so we moved onto Mount Rushmore.

I had the opportunity to visit Mount Rushmore back in 1988 and it was a great place to visit, but I found myself saying, "I thought it would be bigger"!, and yes I've heard this before! Don't get me wrong it's a great place to visit! We turned our attention to Crazy Horse Monument!

Crazy Horse was most excellent and showcased a lot of Native American history. Yes, that was a bag of cheeseburgers that I took along just in case they didn't have anymore inside!

I saw Crazy Horse in 1988 and frankly they haven't made much progress, but it's still a great sight to see! We made our way to Sturgis, South Dakota.

We made it to Sturgis and stayed at the Sturgis RV Park right off Main Street and did the usual tourist stuff! We purchased t-shirts and booze. The essentials for a great RV adventure!

We visited The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and The Iron Horse of course! Nice little place without the crowd. We were bound for Deadwood, South Dakota.

Deadwood, South Dakota we apologize, but for this trip you were nothing more than a drive by! Great little town and we'll be back for sure! We headed to Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

South Dakota was our best place to visit so far and we will be back! As always thanks for reading and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions let us know!

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