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We're finally on the road!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Pinky and I finally retired on October 29th, 2021 After years of planning, research, prep work on the RV, spending lots of money on everything you need to be a full time RV'er we finally hit the road on November 2, 2021and our first destination, Quartzite, Arizona.

First, we're going to take you back to the beginning. Pinky and I met in 2005. We worked together in Western Arizona, the really hot part! We talked often after I left Arizona in 2006 for North Georgia but our communications stopped for about five years from 2014 to 2019.

Pinky sent me a message on one of the career sites in September 2018 and I actually took the time to respond when I never looked at the notifications from this site. We started talking again and realized we would always be friends.

We texted and video chatted almost daily and our bond continued to grow. We would discuss our day to day life and provide guidance and support to each other whenever needed. In August of 2020 we both decided it was time that we get together to see if we had more than just a fantastic friendship!

Pinky met me at the Las Vegas Airport and was just as beautiful as ever. We walked up to each other and our lips came together in what I can only describe as the most glorious feeling ever. I knew she was something special and I wanted her in my life! We spent a great week together and I knew before I left I was leaving my heart behind!

Pinky and I continued to talk and our friendship and love kept growing. We both started talking about going on the road full time. I don't remember who brought it up first, but we found that we had the same dream for a long time.

Pinky made a trip through the Denver area and dropped by to see me in October of 2019. It was only for a day but anytime I would have the opportunity to see Pinky was precious time I wanted.

We continued to talk and grew closer by the minute! We then planned another trip for me to return to Arizona during Thanksgiving week. It was the best time of my life, spending time with her family and friends and by this time I had fallen deeply in love with Pinky!

Pinky then talked about coming to Colorado for Christmas and we set the date. There were many things we wanted to do and I also planned a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado on Christmas day. I just didn't realize the present I would get that day! At this point we were talking about full time tent camping and researching all the items and gadgets needed to pull off our dream.

The trip to Breckenridge started out a little rocky when Pinky developed a little stomach bug. We stopped at a local convenience store and picked up 2 or 3 different stomach remedies and finished our journey. When we arrived in Breckenridge the sun was shining, it was cold, but not that windy. A great day for the end of December in Colorado. Our faces were lit up with excitement and she looked at me like an Angel sent from heaven! We window shopped, kissed and held hands, made small talk, purchased a few items and called my Mom. I can't remember who's idea that was, but it didn't matter in the end. By the end of the day Pinky asked me to move in with her in Arizona. All of you know what my answer was, I'm here ain't I!

Over the next few months we communicated constantly about the move, finding work and the logistics of it all and never stopped talking about the open road! We were now talking about a travel trailer and a new truck and immediately started planning accordingly. The big move was getting closer and my heart was filled with joy and excitement. I was beginning to believe that Pinky was my destiny , as was our dream!

Moving day finally arrived and I made the trip with literally just the clothes on my back. I left all of my worldly possessions behind. I didn't understand that my world was waiting for me, but I would soon find out! I started about 5 PM on February 12th and made the drive from Colorado to Arizona. A winter storm was approaching so I only stopped for a few hours in a motel for some rest and a shower. I tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep so I continued my drive about 3 AM the next morning. I arrived at Pinky's house about 2 PM later on that day, February 13, 2021 and was very thankful to finally be with the love of my life!

Pinky and I worked at the same place so we would see each other throughout the day and between texts of course. We continued to plan our life together and we were now sold on a Class C RV. We began ordering gear for our new home without even having the RV yet. We decided to go to a local festival and happened to drive by an RV dealership. We spotted 3 Class C's and decided to stop. The first one we looked at was way too pricey, another was too small, but the last one we looked at I immediately fell in love with. It was a 2003 Class C 31.6' Winnie Minnie with only 40K miles and in excellent condition. We left the dealership without making an offer and headed towards the festival.

When we arrived at the festival we shopped a little, talked to friends, drank a little and kept discussing the RV we just left behind. We decided to go to lunch at a local eatery and continued our discussion about the RV. We both had a little apprehension that we were thinking about buying the first RV we really looked at, but continued the discussion. Pinky started pulling up comparable RV's in the area and we found out very quickly that nothing compared to OUR RV!

We immediately made the trip back to the dealership to give the RV a final walk through. Luckily we did because 3 others already had plans to look at it that afternoon. Needless to say we made a sizeable down payment and made plans to pick her up on May 15th.

We continued our research and started purchasing more specific items for our new forever home. We would discuss plans, make lists, make spreadsheets for everything from set up to maintenance and yes even a budget! We were working on her every weekend fixing small items, servicing everything, upgrading a lot and adding our own personal touches.

Well, we're still in Quartzite on November 12th, 2021 and are preparing to leave in the morning for the Darius Rucker concert in Laughlin, Nevada tomorrow. We'll spend time with relatives through the holidays and continue our planning for the next leg of our adventure.

I have to tell you at times I never thought any of my dreams would come true until I met Pinky. We've inspired each other to follow our passion and our hearts!

In the coming weeks we will bring all of you up to speed on our research, purchases, how we do things and why. We've already found that no one way is the right way, so be flexible because it will change. We also found that no matter how much research you do you still learn everyday.

We love every second of our new life! We want to share all of our experiences with you in hopes that it may assist you on your journey. Life is short, so if you have a dream go for it! You'll be glad you did!

Live large and happy trails to all of you!

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