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We traveled from Deadwood to Devils Tower, Wyoming and it looks very small until you get right up on it and then it gets really big! Wait, I've heard that statement a few times, but this is a G rated website and we won't discuss it anymore!

The stop was great and the views were spectacular. We had to stop in the little gift shop and buy some t-shirts, stickers, corn dogs and fudge. The fudge was fantastic, but had me running to the toilet every 30 minutes! It was sugar free. I still have an entire piece left if you want it. Just message me and I will trade you for some latex gloves without powder of course. The corn dog was serviceable , but after I looked at the price of $6.99 I thought to myself, they're making at least $180.00 off of a box of 24 corn dogs from Walmart. I will never buy another corn dog without looking at the price first! The t-shirts and stickers were great and reasonably priced, as compared to other gift shops across the country. We will definitely go back someday!

We stopped at a little RV park in Lusk, Wyoming and it was very nice. Full hook-ups, very clean and decorated bathrooms and it was quiet. The price was a little high, but the town is within walking distance and you can't beat the atmosphere. We will definitely be back next year!

We detoured south, but turned north again to visit Cheyenne, Wyoming and the Terry Bison RV Resort, Nice little Passport America RV Park. We purchased a tasty beverage in the Gift Shop and took a pictureof Pinky on a very big Jackalope! It had already been butchered and stuffed, but I hear the meat taste like chicken!

We headed west to Green River Wyoming. The first site we thought was amazing was the tunnel that we never expected! I've been here before and didn't remember it. Then as we went further another spectacular site was the river itself! Damn, I'm living the life and if you're reading this I hope you're living your best life, RV or not! We stopped at the Green River RV Park and it's pleasant. They have a little general store and overall very customer service orientated!

We are now headed to see a friend in Idaho. We'll talk soon and always thanks for reading!

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