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RVing Do's and Dont's: Welcome

RVing Do's & Dont's

The Do's

  1. Plan your trip. Always make sure you make reservations or scout your boondocking campsite days in advance. Always arrive on a weekday. It optimizes your chances for a great spot, not to mention with less traffic there's a lot less hassle.

  2. Check your tire pressure before leaving. You don't want a blow out at 60 MPH and always watch your speed. Blowouts at 75 or 80 are a lot worse then at 60.

  3. Always level your RV. All of your components will work much better when level.
  4. Always bring spare parts and tools.

  5. Secure everything in the RV.

  6. Make sure you've dumped your black and gray tanks before leaving, but add a couple of gallons of water in both tanks to eliminate waste buildup on your sensors. It would be a good idea to put your favorite sensor and tank cleaner in the tanks too.

  7. Prepare for things to go wrong because they will, but remember you will survive.

  8. Park in the shade whenever possible. This reduces your overall energy consumption and naturally keeps your RV cooler.

  9. Always think of every item as dual and triple purpose items. It will cut down on your overall weight and once again save on energy consumption, not to mention it's fun to find these kind of items.

  10. Always keep your RV clean and free of debris. Make sure to always pick up after yourself before leaving your campsite. Don't leave trash for others to pick up!

  11. Always make sure that you have cell phone reception at your campsite. If you can't call for help then you will be relying on others to bail you out.​

  12. Make sure your fresh water tank is always full before parking your rig. Always remember to empty your fresh water tank when your RV or Travel Trailer is not in use.

  13. Always check for leaks. Water is your enemy when not in your shower, sink or toilet.

  14. Always keep track of your miles per gallon and ensure you're topping off during every stop. Gas is your friend.

  15. Make a budget and stick to it. Always add maintenance, incidentals such as, museum visits, movie tickets, eating out and sightseeing. We have a list of budget items on our Lists Page.

RVing Do's and Dont's: Text

The Dont's

  1. Don't ignore RV maintenance. There's a reason we put this one first.

  2. Turn your generator off at night. Most campgrounds or RV parks have restrictions on generator use after hours. Your neighbors will love you.

  3. Don't forget your set up and tear down lists. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. We have created both basic lists on our Lists Page.

  4. When packing up don't forget to retract your slide, put your awning up, remove all chocks and blocks, disconnect all electrical, water and sewer connections.
  5. When leaving your campsite don't forget to complete a walk around of your vehicle and ensure all storage area's are locked and windows are closed and locked. Repeat the walk around a couple of times. The few extra minutes are worth it!
  6. Don't forget to use the facilities whenever you stop. It saves the load on your black and gray water tanks and conserves your fresh water.
  7. Don't walk through others campsites. This one is self explanatory.
  8. Don't leave your dogs droppings on the ground. Always pick up after your dog. You wouldn't want to step in another dogs poo either.
  9. Don't leave lights on when you don't need them. Once again conserves energy.
  10. Don't forget to keep your RV insurance, roadside assistance policy and park memberships up to date. You won't need it until you really need it.
  11. Before leaving for your campsite don't forget to check your smoke, propane and CO2 detectors. It's a matter of life and death.
  12. Don't forget the height of your RV. It could be devastating to your lifestyle. You can write your height on a sticker and put it on the inside of your windshield on the upper left hand corner.
  13. Don't flush your toilet after every use. Only flush when you have to go number two. Pee rags are put in the trash and burned. We use Poopourri when we're not flushing.

RVing Do's and Dont's: Text
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